EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

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Re: EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

I guess it depends on whether you compare a top-end MFT camera with a lower level camera from APSC or FF; also whether it's mirrorless or not matters to some of us.

If you don't care about body size, then there's the G9 or a lot of DSLRs to choose from.

If you don't care about lens size and cost, then there are options with a larger sensor.

I'd say Olympus have made sensible choices in a tough market and produced a decent successor to the EM1.2.  If the 12-45 Pro is really a Pro that matches the 12-100 in IQ, then the combination with a mk III EM5 or EM1 is a good package for some of us.

The EM1.2 is a pretty good camera for a lot of what I shoot and I just upgraded from the EM1.1 at an attractive grey-market price.  I can't see Olympus producing a body optimised for landscape; shame, as the 12-45 might be the ideal lens.

So, likely to upgrade to EM1.3 in 2-4 years and confident to buy MFT lenses, knowing it's there.  The new processor had better have improved the AF, at least by firmware 2, otherwise Sony beckons, now that Tamron are producing affordable lenses at a weight I can carry.


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