Specs or performance, which is most important?

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Re: Specs or performance, which is most important?

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

cba_melbourne wrote:

Trivial things like frame rate you can easily check. But the really important things are not even listed in a camera spec sheets. Like DR or noise or shutter accuracy etc..

….or can you reach the buttons

Yes. You would not buy a car without a test drive. Yet, the controls in cars are far more similar and standardized, than those in cameras.

Specs are good to find out if a camera would by and large fit your wants. And if it is reasonable value for money. One can download the user manual too.

Reviews help to narrow the selection for those that cannot simply go to a camera store nearby, and try for themselves.

But in the end, nothing beats your own test drive.

There is also a risk though with a test drive. You just visit that store for an informal look, just to see what it is about. And you may fall in love and simply take her home. Happened to me with the Pen-F. Luckily, turned out we are not too bad a match. But honestly, it would not have made a difference if she had only 16MP, it was an unplanned impulse decision without spec sheet. And the strange thing is... I do not regret it at all.

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