EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

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EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

Was thinking more about this camera. It's not a bad camera per se. Also some people act as if they are entitled for the company to produce some worthy upgrade to upgrade, instead of just consider what they have is wonderful to do the photography they said they wanted to do already.

Seems like there's a few key perspectives here

1 - Those that always get latest, who want to upgrade from their EM1 Mii

2 - Those who waited and are upgrading from Em1 mK1 or something like EM5 MKII

3 - Those who are not necessarily buying it, but wonder where the company is going marketwise, and if it will be viable mid-long term future

4 - Those who are new

When it comes to it, if the EM1 MKii has merit and is a good camera model, then it surely follows a refinement of that model is still good.

Group 1

The people in group #1 should really wonder if they want to do photography or they are just doing GAS, collection, etc.  Nothing wrong with that if you have the time/cash and you realize it's not photography (i.e. don't kid yourself you are doing photography).

I have fallen at times in that, trying to "detox" in the last year.

Group 2

Those in group 2 are probably the ones that may enjoy the new camera the most

Group 3

I suppose it makes sense to wonder what's going on.  But in the end consider it would take a while for the company to go away anyway, enjoy what you got.

Group 4

Those who are new, to which m43rds presented some alternative (hopefully size/weight), will be getting a refinement of what was there, doesn't seem so bad.

Truth is, I think the camera overall is fine, the real issue is that Olympus isn't coming into the market in a vacuum. If Olympus was the sole camera manufacturer, this could be seen as quite a cool model on its own right.

This brings some mixed feelings in my view. I see it's a good product, but I want to see what the Fuji X-T4 will be like which would be a direct competitor. AT least Olympus seems to finally be focusing again on smaller size overall. The new zoom lens is phenomenal to make the case.

When you are dealing at the $1,800 price level, it's more than fair if someone is shopping to compare what's around that price in competitors, and see if they are a better match for your needs.

I can still look at this camera even though I know I am definitively not buying one.  Not my camera.

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