Specs or performance, which is most important?

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Re: Specs or performance, which is most important?

Adrian Harris wrote:

Regarding the new em1-mk3, many people here are criticising the new camera for its stated specs. However as a heavy user and in many branches of photography what I see are many improvements that look like they will make a substantial difference to obtaining superb results from an already incredible camera.

To those who are more concerned about paper specsheets than photos I understand your disappointment. But for those out in the field that have to bring back results this new camera looks like a real winner.

On what are we to base our pre-purchase assessment Adrian ?

We have the published specs and the opinions of reviewers, and hopefully soon we’ll get reports from owners who are not affiliated with Olympus Corp.

So far I see nothing that tells me the camera does CAF-Tr any better than the Mark II, or that its PDAF with the legacy 4/3 lenses is any faster or more precise.

In order to try it in the field I’d have to take a risk and buy one. If the specs jumped right up and told me that the basic camera was much better then I would take that risk. But as it stands it just looks like a Mark 2 with some new features I don’t need.

So not much enthusiasm here


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