FIVE! Count 'em 1 2 3 4 5 normal zooms for the RF system.

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Re: FIVE! Count 'em 1 2 3 4 5 normal zooms for the RF system.

Ed Rizk wrote:

That's pretty good.

I think Canon is trying to tell us that whatever type of lens you want for the RF system is coming. And that all of them will have a little something special, except for the RF 24-105 that I have. It's still a good 24-105, but it's just a regular lens.

The new cheapie 24-105 has the 0.5-1 macro, like the RF 35. It might be worth giving up the speed for that alone. Being 3" by 3.5" isn't too bad either.

The new 100-500 could be impressive as well.

Nine lenses this year! That's a pretty good pace of development.

I'm happy with my EF lenses, but by the end of 2021, the "native lens" purists will have nothing to complain about. Maybe we still need EF TSE lenses or the occasional specialty lens on an adapter.

Otherwise, all you have to worry about, if you don't like the EF lenses, is whether the lens you want comes out this year or next.

It is becoming a "drop the mike" kind of attitude, on Canon's part.

It is also putting some serious strain on influencers-confabulators.

The inability some are showing in just plainly stating how incredible in performing consistency throughout the whole RF line-up is revealing, model after model, is also starting to say more about said quality than anything else that could be actually written.


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