No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

The Davinator wrote:

Jonneymendoza2 wrote:

Honestsly why did canikon not go full mirrrorless and just tell those old school dslr sports shooters to just grab the adapters to adapt there super tele lenses?

the 1dx3 and d6 should have been mirrorless cameras from the get go

Why? Because the target market for that gear does not want it.

Exactly, as a current 1Dx and A7R2 user, I upgrade my 4 year old 7R2 to 7R4 just last week mainly for backpacking/hiking/landscape, still don't quite like the body ergonomic even it's already bigger with few more buttons and joy stick controller, but there is no better sensor elsewhere for the target application i am using it for, the 7R4 + few Loxia and Voigtlander really makes a killer backpacking landscape tool, so I will just use it.

On the sport camera side, I am not interested in a9 after playing with it for few weeks, and most likely will replace my old 1Dx with the 1DxIII, I really happy they didn't abandon we DSLR people, I've been thru 6 or 7  1- series in the last 25 years from the film EOS 1VHS to my first APSC DSLR 1D MK II to two 16MP FF 1DSII back in 2004 all the way to this day still shooting with a pair of 1-series bodies for event and sports, but I know it's just matter of time, this will probably be the last 1Dx, but as long as they keep the same form factor/ergo/handling of the 1Dx body and don't make it small like A9 , mirror or mirrorless I am fine with it, i don't need 20 FPS but really enjoying the OVF so I am perfect fine with what they have now. I am in love with all the RF lenses any way, so if they bring out a 1Dx mirrorless, I will probably jump on it right away too.

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