Reception for the 1.3 looks pretty hostile...

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Re: Reception for the 1.3 looks pretty hostile...

The criticisms of both this camera and the E-M5 III - and it seems the Nikon D6 and D780, for that matter - are pretty much the same: fans  waited a lot of years for what seem like incremental changes. Advances just aren’t as significant and noticeable as they used to be, it seems.

There’s certainly a lot to like about the camera. I think if you’re happy with Micro Four Thirds IQ, the E-M1 III makes a ton of sense - you get all of Olympus’ stabilization and processing advancements for a lot cheaper (and smaller) than an E-M1X.

I think the best arguments for going with the E-M1 III over, say, the similarly-priced and sized Z6 are those features you point out, and more. Live ND, live composite, live timer, starry AF, handheld high res, industry-leading stabilization - taken together, they’re all features that let photographers get images much faster, with less hassle, with less pre-planning, and reduced the need for ancillary gear (filters, tripods, etc.). If I’m able to get a shot I otherwise wouldn’t (i.e., I’m not futzing setting up a tripod), any IQ disadvantage is rather moot. As someone who likes to take early morning and evening shots, if I’m able to get out without needing to take a tripod, that’s a big deal for me.

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