Panasonic exposure compensation?

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Here it is in the GX85 manual

brentbrent wrote:

I don't know what could cause that, but I'm pretty sure I have never seen a two-step EC adjustment procedure like you describe with any of the eight Panasonic cameras I have owned, nor do I recall ever reading about such a thing in any manual.

Well, now it is getting really weird.  My camera does it and the GX85 manual describes exactly what I am experiencing and yet you don't have it happen on any of your cameras.  I have to do steps 1, 2, and 3 as described in the manual.  Do you remember how you set up yours so that there is no step 3?  Note, I have set in the menu to use the rear dial for EC so I don't have to do step 1.  Only steps 2 and 3.  If I half-press on the shutter button it does the same confirmation as pressing on the rear dial in step 3.

Did you do a full reset of all settings after you bought this camera used? If not, I'd try that, or double-checking your configuration setting for the rear dial. Perhaps evetsf is on to something. Good luck.

Yes, I did a full reset before I started using the camera.

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