Reception for the 1.3 looks pretty hostile...

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Re: Reception for the 1.3 looks pretty hostile...

Messier Object wrote:

whumber wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Means taking the camera from your eye. I dislike touch screens intensely.

You don't need to take your eye off the EVF to use the touch pad AF select.

If you are a left eye viewer the RH side of your face blocks the touch screen.


After glancing at the specs, and more importantly reading the mixed comments from current Olympus users, the entire affair has justified, in my perusal mind at least, my choice of jumping on a G9 when it was on sale.  The EM1.3 doesn't improve on the 1.2's video abilities, which was oh my shopping list and has only improved thanks to the G9's recent firmware update.  Add in the rest of the package versus the new $1800 EM1.3, and the G9 is made out as the 'bargain of the year'.

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