EVF: #1 advantage of Mirrorless?

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Re: EVF: #1 advantage of Mirrorless?

rashid7 wrote:

gentlemen, (of course) we are not talking essentials here. For goodness sake, you don't even need an EVF. Even in bright light you can make shade with a broad rim hat...

If you don't care - that's your prerogative - but FOR ME a large, bright, detailed EVF is immersive, and contributes heavily to my enjoyment of the hobby (as well as the execution of pix i enjoy in bright light)

It is analogous to my 5k iMac screen. My pictures (at least some, ha ha) look amazing on that monitor!

What excisting function on the camera would swap a 5 million dot EVF with? Because you cant get everything in a camera for the same price.

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