EM-1 Miii: Fairly disappointed, but might still give it a try

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Re: EM-1 Miii: Fairly disappointed, but might still give it a try

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Petapixel has a very well written article on the MkIII, but Olympus chimes in on some if his complaints, which isn't cool that they did.

Nice pics too.

Yeah, that review sums it up pretty much for me! I totally see the camera to be a capable camera, it is just that there might have been some (unjustified) expectations on what the camera should/could have been.
I work at a Tech Start up and we know that we are competing with bigger and financially stronger companies. We know we have to deliver our best to survive.
So when I see that Olympus left a lot of critical parts (sensor, EVF, AF-C, etc.) almost untouched, my disappointment supersedes.
But, I also know that a camera is the sum of different features and one should not judge a camera just based on specs. Hence my desire to rent the High-end computer from Sony (A7r IV) and compare it against the small Xbox (EM-1iii) that claims to provide good enough performance.
I think I had hoped that Olympus will come out with a bang (1/2 stop improved DR&ISO, new EVF and A9-like tracking), so that I couldnt resist but order the camera.
Let's see what the X-T4 and the A7 IV have to offer.
Damn it Olympus, you had a big opportunity...

He claims that he took some of the best pictures of wildlife ha had ever taken with that camera, but since the camera was made up of older parts it somehow cancelled out the results.

How could you take that seriously?

I know he is reviewing gear, but the rest of us is taking pictures and I pretty much care for the results I get.

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