Reception for the 1.3 looks pretty hostile...

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Re: Reception for the 1.3 looks pretty hostile...

Louis, I have the 1X and have used the HH-HR mode quite a bit, I think you will love it.

Tip, right off, take 5 or so test shots of the same subject (trying to hold very steady, braced or leaning is good and scrutinize at 14X for critical sharpness. Since it will successfully composite results (in a range of results) below optimum, this can help get you started with a mental calibration of it’s outcome based on your holding style, etc. Some dialed in shutter press delay is probably a good idea as well. And do try using with the very low ISO’s in good light, as the output can be quite nice!

(Apple was moving a bit in breeze, out of cam jpeg/Affinity adj/iPad)

W the above sorted and mid to top level glass, the results are quite remarkable, IMO, but it should be noted, that it definitely improves the output of ALL lenses!

It’s top level execution can be a bit demanding on the operator, but knowing you, you will be fine. Enjoy!



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