Panasonic exposure compensation?

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Re: Panasonic exposure compensation?

Henry Richardson wrote:

Yesterday I bought I got a very nice, used GX7II (GX85) for $269 here in Japan. I have been going through the PDF manual I downloaded and getting it configured. One weird thing that I can't figure out though concerns exposure compensation. I have it configured for the rear dial, like I have for just about every camera I have owned for many years: Olympus, Sony, Canon, Pentax, etc. The weird thing about this Panasonic though is that when I turn the rear dial to adjust exposure compensation it then requires me to do a second step and confirm it. This slows things down a lot and until I confirm it I can't adjust the aperture, etc. I usually shoot in aperture priority mode and adjust the aperture with the front dial and exposure compensation with the rear dial. Only the Panasonic makes adjusting exposure compensation a slow, 2-step process. Adjusting the aperture does as I expect, I turn the dial and the aperture adjusts without requiring a second step to confirm it.

I have been searching through the menu trying to find a way to eliminate the second confirmation step, but so far I haven't found anything. Does anyone know a way to do it? Thank you.

By the way, if all you have to contribute is a comment about how you like the second confirmation step or don't mind it, then please don't bother to reply and junk up the thread. I am hoping for a solution, not someone telling me it is good the way it is. Thank you.

Henry, I don't know if it is what you are looking for but I believe there is a menu option to turn of the press stage . I don't have this camera to test it out, I do like the dedicated EV wheel on my GX8  though 

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