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Re: the "new sensor" fallacy

Astrotripper wrote:

The "it's not a new" sensor complaint is a load of nonsense.

Sure, 10 years ago it was a big deal, as there were noticeable quality improvements with each sensor generation.

That is no longer true.

Samsung s20 smartphone got a new sensor

It's not true for 4/3, APS-C nor FF. It seems there are only two areas of sensor improvement:

  • pixel count
  • speed

The 20mp sensor from E-M1 Mark II is still one of the fastest, if not the fastest on the market. The one in A9 is faster only in specific shooting mode, where it uses its special readout mode, otherwise it is slower. The fastest APS-C sensor is the one in Fuji, I think, but it's also not as fast as this.

So you still get the best 4/3 sensor there is.

It doesn't have 40mp? Well, it's an action shooting camera, expecting it to have 40mp sensor is not exactly realistic. It can take 50mp photos with DR and noise levels of best FF cameras, though.

What do you think a "new sensor" would offer you? Deny physics and suddenly you'd get 2 more stops of DR and lower noise?

Let's face the facts here. The only way to get a meaningful improvement in image quality is to jump to a larger format. Preferably by 2 sizes as anything less would be pretty insignificant.

Am I saying that a new sensor would not be nice? No. But for a new sensor to be a reasonable upgrade, it would have to:

  • be a lot faster, perhaps global shutter - looks like there has been no big improvements on this front seeing how the 20mp sensor from 2016 is still the king in this regard. So I would not expect this anytime soon.
  • have a lot more pixels - sorry, but 4 more megapixels is nothing, make it 44 mp and that would be worthwhile. But again, not for this kind of camera. Also, I can already see the whining about having to buy expensive CFExpress cards.

Anything else than the above would be insignificant.

And with camera sales still crashing, cranking out new sensors gets more and more expensive as volume drops. Things will get even slower than they already are. Doesn't matter Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, there will be a lot of sensor reuse going forward.

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