EM-1 Miii: Fairly disappointed, but might still give it a try

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Re: EM-1 Miii: Fairly disappointed, but might still give it a try

Gary from Seattle wrote:

MrALLCAPS wrote:

mrwho27 wrote:

Hi all,
since 2008 I am shooting with my beloved Nikon D90. Though the camera was true revolution when it came out (and still is to some extend), I have been looking for a significant update over the last years.
In 2015 I tried the Olympus EM-1 Mi. I fell in love with the ergonomics and features but was very disappointed with the image quality (since it fell behind the much older Nikon D90). Then came the EM-1 Mii. At the time I just did not have funds to make a major system switch and just admired the camera from afar.
Then at the end of last year and some pretty incredible prices for the Sony A7r IV, I thought I had finally found a camera to upgrade to. Until I held the camera in store. WHAT HORRIBLE ERGONOMICS!!!
When we first heard rumors about an upcoming EM-1 Miii, I got super excited and thought that THIS IS IT!
Until the specs of the camera became clearer.. I have to say I am quite disappointed that they went with the same old sensor (image processor does not seem to provide any gains either) the same EVF and also did (again) not get close to Sony's AF.
Since a camera is more than its individual specs, I probably will still rent one and compare it against the Sony A7r IV to see what is more important to me:
Absolute Picture Quality or portability and ergonomics.
I also have to say, that this product release by Olympus definitely supports the naysayers that claim that Olympus is shutting down its camera business...

I wouldn't say shutting down, but definitely in reduce costs severely mode.

So Olympus showed their hand with the EM1X, EM5 MkIII and now the EM1 MkIII.

Not a good hand at all, unless your looking thru the eyes of an Olympus faithful. Moving forward, unless they improve specs, it will only look worse, not to mention, what about the competition and their response to this EM1?

What would you know about any of this? You only use Fuji and appear to be afraid of the competition. Paid are you?


This guy again...

Yup, I'm afraid, Fuji pays me with Diamonds and I'm even scared of Smartwatch cameras and film.

Moving on..  I can't debate or mingle with those of an Insecure mindset.

That's my opinion. If you can't debate it, or come with your own opinion, then act like an adult for once and move on.

Or get blocked, OR block me.

Your choice.

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