Return to focus madness - RX10M4

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Re: Return to focus madness - RX10M4

Michael Fritzen wrote:

RBEmerson wrote:

...I selected manual focusing with peaking enabled. The peaking outline is in red (easier to see here), and I've got as much red showing as possible....

Well, speaking of my experiences I'm usually relying almost all the time on AF. The longer the FL used the shallower the DOF and the more precise focussing needs to be for spot on focus on the subject (ideally its eye).

I've gone back to AF-A and gotten good results from just banging away in my office. There is one line of sight that's long enough, and blocked by balusters (vertical things in a handrail). AF-A focused on the far end of the line while looking through the balusters. I'm impressed.

Especially for a subject other than plain flat, so with some depth, like the rounded surface of the feeder, I'm generally under the impression that focus peaking is a little vague on real peak focus. If focussing manually under such critical circumstances like full zoom / aperture full open I'd prefer high magnification in the EVF over peaking.

I understand the issue of DoF, particularly on a rounded bird feeder. I'll be happy to see any part of the feeder look crispy. So far, not so much luck. But then, I wasn't using AF-A. Testing resumes on the next sunny day.

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