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maybe first leak


Looks a little bigger than the R in all dimensions. That sounds awesome! I like the size of the R but sometimes would prefer something closer to my trusty old 5D4. Just eyeballing it, I think it strikes a good compromise for size vs handling.

Since it also seems to be confirming 8k30p video, we can assume that my previous math about readout rates roughly matching (1.2GP/s on a per pixel basis) that of the new 1DX3 sensor as that would be close to the minimum readout rate to actually deliver 8k30p. We can also assume at least one of the storage card slots is CFExpress since it's likely the only card available that can sustain writes at a high enough rate to support 8K30p.

If so, this represents a very large step up in readout circuitry design by Canon for this category. By comparison it would beat Sony A73 and A7R4 rates on a per pixel basis by about 2x. When accounting for number of pixels, this yields about 2.7x the readout fps of the A7R4 (the Sony rolling shutter at 61MP and full 14-bt RAW is 10fps while this would be 27fps at 45MP). The big question is whether they can do that while also achieving high base DR.

Looking forward to finding out more as time progresses toward July. It's interesting that they are doing these development announcements relatively early. Shows the truth that Canon currently finds itself in a catch-up position for FF MILCs as they generally don't pre-announce this early for fear of "osborne-ing" their current products.

Or it's a burst mode like the m6mkii

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