EVF: #1 advantage of Mirrorless?

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Re: EVF: #1 advantage of Mirrorless?

whumber wrote:

Ifixit wrote:

To those who think the EVF is outdated. In what way does the EVF of the Em1 mii or Em1x stop/slow you down from taking sharp pictures with AF or MF? I am seriously interested in hearing your opinions.

You're really asking the wrong question. Nobody needs the latest and greatest camera, these are purely luxury goods. I don't need a 4K TV to watch a movie and understand the story, but it makes the experience more enjoyable.

That said, there's something about the E-M1ii/E-M1X EVF when shooting ski racing in heavy fog that makes it almost impossible to see what's going on during a burst while the G9 EVF works just fine and is much easier to track action in that same exact senario.

Ok. I havent tried photographing skiing in fog, but I have photographed skiers in low contrast light without issues. The EVF or OVF are of little help during such a scenario IMO. It is more an issue if the AF keep up with the skiers and keeping the skier in the frame.

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