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Vincent O'Sullivan wrote:

fPrime wrote:

The D780 improved too little over the D750 and now it appears that the D6 improves too little over the D5.

I've never understood why people feel they need to replace their camera every new model as it comes out. They're almost always incremental improvements that are unlikely to make much difference to your results.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in using "old" cameras, I use "old" stuff, but to be honest, I thought cramped up AF points on the center of a VF was old, because it is, it is old technology and useless for a lot of stuff, yet Nikon had the guts to leave the same AF points with this new D780 with no joystick and that's exactly why I never purchased a D750 in the first place.

Because of my shooting style I honestly don't need a D5 AF system nor FPS, nor video, BUT, I do need spread AF points, and from what I keep hearing/reading all these pass years is that the D750 already has pretty darn good AF to begin with. All this "D5 AF in the D780" is just marketing stuff.

And lets not even mention the battery grip thing. Looks like Nikon has a death wish or something.

A good camera should - easily - last you five to ten years, even in the current era of rapidly changing technology. Longer, as the technology settles down.

Yeah sure no problem, but the thing is that within the last five years new technology has arrived. I am not happy with Nikon's Z bodies either so people would tell me to stick with DSLR, so guess what I waited for the D780 and I was actually willing to buy another DSLR, which I had said that I was only going to buy a ML from now on. Well, the D780 is a major let down, to me that is.

Like I said above, I was not expecting or requiring the D750 replacement to have D5/D6 AF, but I was expecting it to have way more spread AF points with a joystick, and battery grip capable with a shutter button.

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