No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

Jonneymendoza2 wrote:

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Jonneymendoza2 wrote:

Honestsly why did canikon not go full mirrrorless and just tell those old school dslr sports shooters to just grab the adapters to adapt there super tele lenses?

the 1dx3 and d6 should have been mirrorless cameras from the get go

Why? Because the target market for that gear does not want it.

more like they are scared of change

I don't think they are scared of change. It doesn't make economic sense for them to change yet - many of their customers have $$$$ invested in legacy F and EF mount glass, particularly for sports shooters.

A big complaint for Sony E mount (until recently) was no long glass for sports shooters, like the 400 and 600. If Canon and Nikon released full mirrorless versions of the 1DX3 and D6, they wouldn't have the glass to go with the cameras which is a big concern ahead of the Olympics.

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