Is 2 years a short life for a printer like this ? Canon Pro-1000 Fully Dead.

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Re: Is 2 years a short life for a printer like this ? Canon Pro-1000 Fully Dead.

hermit383 wrote:

Ouff well here goes.

My pro 1000 is fully dead after only 2 years of owning it. Canon said there is nothing they can do. It’s my first bad experience with any Canon gear. I own the 1DXII, 5D IV, EF600 f/4I IS II, 70-200 2.8 L IS II, 50 1.2 L, 85 1.2L, 24-70, 16-35 2.8 II, and many more. I can’t believe what just happened to me. Not to tella sob story. But I got the pro 1000 in December 2017. I’ve printed about 100 images with it. Of course it used a lot of ink and maintenance carts, but i was happily ok with that to have reliability and print quality. That was until last week. My cyan tank ran empty. Immediately ordered the tank from B and H. It came 3 days later. I installed it, it must have shut off during cleaning and ran 2 additional cleaning cycles using 5 more ink tanks with over 50% remaining! And a maintenance cartridge that was only about 20% full. I then finally got it ready to print a fill 17x25.5 inch print on Canon Pro Luster paper which I cut myself. The print had awful banding unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in this printer. Before printing, I printed the print head alignment check and it was fine. However I went to adjust print setting to try and correct the banding and it spit out my print less than half way through and showed me “Canon Support Code B204” after waiting on hold for over 2 hours. Canon tells me there is nothing I can do. Even after spending nearly 700$ on BRAND NEW Canon INK tanks (never used except for head alignment test) I found out my Beloved Canon Printer is fully Dead and Canon will not attempt to repair it. I was told that I am “welcome” to try and fix it myself or bring it to a printer repair shop, but that it would likely cost more than just buying a new Pro-1000 since the ink would need to be fully drained out and the print head replaced, even then there would be no promise that it could be fixed.

Out of sympathy I was told of a “Canon Upgrade Program” which is a 10% off discount for “upgrading “ canon gear which failed prematurely. I was I told that it was 20% off full frame cameras( great because I want the 1DX III when it comes out). However I was then informed that I cannot use this upgrade program for a camera body because it was a printer that was defective; not a camera. This was a waste of over an hour on the phone discussing. Then later when I discussed interest in the Pro-2000 upgrade I was informed that this would also not apply because it’s considered a “commercial” product (even though it’s in the same category as the Pro-1000). So long story short, even after being offered the Canon Upgrade Program, I was then informed there would be no actual “upgrade” because the Pro-1000 is the highest grade printer in the category I’m allowed to use my discount on. Only a same printer ( which I don’t want to buy because it’s failed me so prematurely) or a downgrade was being offered. I still love Canon with all my heart, but this was a truly very negative and awful sad experience to deal with. I have a photo assignment due for the end of the month( February) that I will have to lose a client over now because of this.

I had a similar situation but with a necessary piece of equipment that was promised to be repaired but after months was never was even looked at and I lost a regular client at quite an expense to me. I dropped that repair person and he was the loser over time on this.

I did nothing wrong with this printer, it was my beloved baby actually, and I would routinely dust it off every week, and try to make atleast 1- 2 prints per week with it. I maybe made 100-120 prints maximum with it. Mostly 8x10 and a handful of 13x19 and some 17x22 and a single 17x25.5 ( I had just ordered my first Roll paper to use with it so was never able to print this large with it )

TLDR Pro-1000 Showed Support code B204, Called Canon, they said sorry, no luck, they wont fix it. I'm better off buying a new one. So the printer is dead after only 2 years of light use ( never left with empty ink tanks).

Is this common? I need a new printer, however I am very reluctant after this experience to go with the same printer. Or even the Pro-2000 given the reliability of this unit.

My impression on this situation is that you might have talked to the wrong person at Canon. If you are not the cause of a pro 1000 failure by doing something that broke it physically, it is on them to at least help you to get it back to the default firmware position. To me, it should be fixable; the process of how to get it back to a workable state is the question. I do not know from what you described what should be done, except to go back to the default of the printer firmware and then see what happens. If it is a mechanical failure that would be known at that point. Jose Rodriguez has a forum and facebook site that probably will help you out. In the meantime -to complete a upcoming assignment, you should contact a printing company to do your printing assignment. A short term solution until the Pro 1000 issue is fixed. Ask about the issue here:

and much useful info is at the U-tube videos here for the Pro printers:

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