RX0 overheating

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Re: RX0 overheating

Nestorin wrote:

khaledgawdat wrote:

I wanted to video record my Son's masters defence. I thought that the RX0 is quite small and will not be offending to the faculty of I use it. The camera was perfect for that purpose and I was using the MP4 format recording until after 18 minutes in the middle of his presentation over heating and the camera stoped. I used my olympus em1 MK2 to continue recording and for 2 hours no over heating. I also used the RX0 when the over heating cooled and the length of fottage progressively decreased before overheating again until the battery was dead after one hour. Comparing the footage with the olympus one showed a huge difference in quality. I expected some difference but this was day and night. RX0 is the most disappointing sony camera I ever owned.

No image stabilization, no time lapse, no lens apertures only f4 fixed, no autofocus in video, overheating. What a trap.

I got one and find It very useful, specially for travel, snorkel and every time I want better pictures than my smarth phone.

Really pocket camera, one inch sensor, rectilinear shock proof, water proof, wifi.

1" sensor at f/4 is equivalent to 1/2" sensor at f/2, which is also equivalent to 1/2.5" sensor at f/1.8, which is incidentally, what most flagship phones have.

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