Venus on 5th Feb with a Nikon P1000

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Re: Venus on 5th Feb with a Nikon P1000

If it was me, I would forget using video on a bridge camera and go with a series of "true" high resolution stills. Then stack the stills if you like. However, with Venus you probably won’t benefit much from stacking, other than improving the noise level. With that camera you will never get the detail you can get from the Moon. So a few good single stills, 8 to 10, will likely suffice to stack and get rid of some of the noise. With stills, you have much greater control over the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. Stop the aperture down 2 full stops from wide open, set the ISO to a level that isn't too noisy, then use a very fast shutter to prevent vibration and motion. Try 1/1000th sec or whatever the fastest speed you can manage and still capture the image. With video you are likely stuck with no more than 60 frames per second, which is too slow. Plus the so-called 4K video you are shooting is more marketing bull scatterings than anything else. The camera is messing with the video to a large extent. Stick with stills.

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