Australian Bushfires update (O/T)

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11th February - weather fun

Sorry to add to this off topic thread but there have been some of our overseas friends who have expressed concern on the bushfires.

We has enough rain late January and early February to put the last of the fires out - in fact in the northernmost part we had something like our normal wet weather - the sort that makes sure that our forests here are usually too wet to burn. Up to the 9th February in February we had 261.6mm or over 10” (mainly over two days).

The fires in the southern part of the state have only recently been extinguished - further north (where the wildfires started) they have been under control for longer.

Some parts further from here have had even more rain and some flooding - but around here the places that flood do so regularly and it usually subsides pretty quickly - we know where the floodwaters go and it does not usually cause more than nuisance value.

It seems that the bush burns and the city floods ....

Hardly any rain yesterday. But this pm the heavens opened again and in a few hours we have had a real lot of rain. Whether it keeps going all night is hard to say - but if it does then we might have some real water about in the morning.

The weather forecast shows a cyclone forming off the coast and its path is said to be much further south than normal. But the back-story is that it is more likely to end up as a tropical low. If so there is even more rain on the way.

Last year our rainfall was 55% below the long term mean and the lowest ever recorded we also have had the hottest year on record. Hence the bushfires.

They are not an issue in NSW for the moment - the southern parts are more prone to bushfires anyway and I believe that Victoria, South Australia andWest Australia are not yet out of the fire woods yet.

Thank you for your concern - I think things are now well into recovery mode - it might take some time for many.

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