Lens for Landscape photography for Sigma sd Quattro H

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Re: Lens for Landscape photography for Sigma sd Quattro H

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I really believe that the idea is to use whatever lens you like and match the subject matter to it. One of my sad recollections is taking pictures of mountains (Sierra Nevada) with a 24MM lens on a FF camera. With that lens the huge mountains shrank down to nothing and looked like pimples in the distance. Thus in "close" environments, such as in a city, the 24mm lens would be fine, but not where the subject is far away. Unless you want to emphasize the foreground...

So for mountains, and wide open spaces, to prevent being overwhelmed by distance, a telephoto is better. But do we really want to pack up and go to the mountains to make pictures? Stick a medium lens on a proper camera and stay near at home. Use a tripod.

This is so true. Photos of mountains are often best with some sort of telephoto lens. You gotta be up and in the mountains, and the mountains are going to need to be abrupt for a wide angle to be useful.

Not in my experience, it depends on how close to the mountains you get. On my trek over the Swiss Alps my most used camera was the DP1M, and often going wider would have been better. My least used was the DP3M, when you're in amongst it you don't need really a telephoto lens.

I agree! In the Swiss alps, 12mm is sometimes not wide enough. But, this is when you are *in* the mountains.

And realistically, few spots will have the immediate and drastic relief of the Swiss alps. Photography in Switzerland is spectacular enough that it warrants generous investment in its own specialized equipment. But, a Sigma camera would still be my #1 choice in Switzerland.

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