Do I have a bad copy of the 18-55?

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Re: Do I have a bad copy of the 18-55?

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Austin CB wrote:

I've had three copies of this lens and the last copy was by far the best. There seems to be a good amount of sample variation.

Was OIS on?

To be honest, I'm not sure. I saw this while reviewing some photos from a few weeks ago. I usually keep it on, but I can't say 100%. That said, with a shutter speed of 1/320 motion blur should not be a factor.

Just looking at the blur in the sign in your image, I suspect you have a camera shake issue, and that the OIS was not on. The 1/320 SS will certainly help with a subject in motion, but will not do too much with camera shake. That is were OIS, or IBIS is needed.

Thanks for the input. Wouldn't 1/320 be sufficient to eliminate camera shake too?

That is a question which can lead to the totally unsatisfactory answer of; "not necessarily".

That's already two stops faster than the old 1/f rule of thumb... Also, if this is camera shake, then wouldn't it be present throughout the frame?

Once again, not necessarily. The issue with camera shake is it can occur in several axes, (vertical, and/or horizontal) individually, or both. It can also manifest itself as a rotation around a central axis, much like holding a firearm on target too long, that can lead to blur near the edges due to camera motion that 1/320 might not be able to deal with, but OIS, or a faster SS might.

I think you need a bit more testing under controlled conditions before drawing too many conclusions about your 18-55. Just be sure of your lens, and camera setting parameters for your tests. If thing are still not satisfactory then it is probably time to contact Fujifilm, or your camera store.

Thanks... I understand a more controlled test would be more definitive, but it will be a while before I am able to set something up, so I was just hoping to see if other owners of this lens get similar results. If they do and this is therefore normal, then additional testing may not be needed.

My 18-55 was my the first Fuji lens (2015 with X-E2), and I have not had issues similar to yours.

Anyway, I was able to dig into the EXIF data, and OIS was indeed turned on. So that would further suggest that camera shake is probably not the issue, although point taken, fast shutter speed and OIS don't 100% eliminate all forms of camera shake.

Then you might well have an issue which requires an exchange . Now i would contact Fuji, or your vendor.

Since it doesn't show up in all photos, I unfortunately didn't catch this until after B&H's return window closed. Looks like I'll have to take this up with Fuji's warranty service.

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