EVF Olympus OM-D E - M1 Markll

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Re: EVF Olympus OM-D E - M1 Markll

I set mine manually to about the middle setting for daylight or bright rooms.

Set to minus 6 or so for stage photos where I am in the dark.

I don't bother with the auto setting. I forget why, because that was with the EM1.1 many years ago and carried the habit to the Em1.2.  I think it is because I need consistency and I could not trust it to provide that.

This goes for the view panel on the back as well as the EVF inside.

You do of course know there are two different places to set the brightness. One is for the back panel and it is on the same page where you set the time and date.

The other is for the EVF and is in the gear menu on the page where you set all the EVF stuff. There is also a choice for the screen to reflect Natural or Vivid color regardless of the Jpeg setting.

I am assuming the photos are coming out OK regardless of the EVF setting.

If not, then check the curves setting where you can set highlight and shadow and midtones.

If all else fails, reset the whole camera using the reset setting on the first page of the menu.

You lose all your settings, but it may fix the problem, which could have been an accidental setting.

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