Dust removal pre-shoot?

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Dust removal pre-shoot?

Even on "professional" channels and websites where guys review camera gear I can see minute particles of dust.

It is often these almost indistinguishable flaws that are the only thing that separate true professional quality photos from the tier just below.

For example notice the dust present all over this gear:

Versus this type of photo, which looks like someone just pulled the gear from the factory inside a cleanroom.

Are these pro level photos actually dust free when shot? Or are they cleaned up in post?

And if so- how does one truly clean something so as to make it appear brand new?

It seems that no matter what I use, the cleaning implement always leaves microscopic pieces of itself on the object being cleaned. For example try cleaning the viewfinder eye relief rubber thing on your Sony until it looks factory new- that piece is a nightmare! Clean it with a q-tip and alcohol... It leaves cotton fibers. Clean it with soap and water... it leaves water spots.

What do the pros use to remove microscopic dust, oils, etc., and make the subject look flawless?


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