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Re: Still life focus stack garden bits

I have a focus stacking rig that I made that uses stepper motors to move it on three axis, the camera is vertical and the z axis the one with the camera has a gearbox from a cordless drill gearbox for additional reduction and torque to raise the camera up and down, the z axis has a 1mm pitch screw on it with a brass nut, nothing fancy no ball screw, just what I could get cheap.

The other two axis use belts, the stepper drivers are Dvr8825's, the microcontroller is a Teensy 3.6, controlled with an infrared remote and a 20 x 4 lcd screen. Program is something I cobbed together using arduino libraries.

I tell the program the frame size and magnification, camera info, distance, light duration and how many frames in x and y and it figures out the step size and does it's thing.

After that my work flow is first in Rawtherapee I process one frame then save the profile and use it to convert the raw's to tif with rawtherapee-cli, then fastpictureviewer I use the time and place function to sort each stack into folders then bulkrenameutility to shorten the names of the folders to something zerene stacker likes and I drop the folders into zerene stacker's batch utility, once that's finished I drop the frames into Microsoft Image Composite Editor aka ice in auto  planar mode and it's all put together nicely then some final editing then done.

It can take me a couple of days to make a big image but lately I have been doing small ones and get them done in a day, most of it now is the automation chugging away  and I can work on subjects, lighting and composition.

Any questions ask away.

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