Any GFX 50S users own (and use) the GF 50mm ?

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left eye
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100% recommended

I now use my GF32-64mm only when I need ~25mm FF equiv. wide angle, otherwise the GF50mm is mounted. Once the GF30mm is released, I doubt I'll ever use the zoom again.

My trio will then be GF23mm, GF30mm and the GF50mm.

I find 35mm FF equiv. (GF45mm) often neither wide enough, or long enough - I know that's what makes a 35mm FF equiv. the preferred FL for others, but not me.

The 50mm is always not going to be wide enough, hence using the 32mm end of the zoom (or the new GF30mm), yet the GF50mm is a magical FL in that it does seem to push into your subject yet at the same time has that human 'being there' angle of view - that you normally get with wide angle - yet gentler. It really is a curiously good FL.

On the GFX 50S it's a dream. The 50mm has morphed the GFX into a new camera, far lighter, more portable and really well balanced. Even though there was talk it was designed for the 50R, I'd say it's even better on the 50S, as the 50S full-sized grip means you can hold the now lighter-weight camera+lens combo from your relaxed arm while walking along in a much surer way than with the 50R. The GF50mm is not just another lens to add to your system, it somehow gives you a new camera as well! - so it's unique in the line-up.

Here with a filter and the supplied imaginative lens-hood (that also comes with a smaller lens-cap)...

100% recommend this lens for the GFX 50S (especially at the current insanely low price and if you haven't already got the GF45mm).

At present it's my most used lens.

It's sharp, no worries there! - better than the zoom - which is not so good at the sides of the frame on a flat focus plane. The 50mm is a stunning performer and fast to focus.


1. close focusing is not so close! - about 17"-18" from the front of the lens (if this might be a crucial factor in your photography you should lower my 100% recommendation).

2. some slight vignetting, though as I'm often adjusting vignetting in post either way per shot, I don't see this as a downside. I'd rather have natural slight vignetting and tack sharp sides, than no vignetting and soft sides. It a character of the lens, you might not even notice it - it's slight. Maybe not because of this, but overall it reminds me of Zeiss glass.

A couple of random samples I've taken recently, not that they will swing your decision...

This was as close as the lens could focus to the owl, I'd liked to have gotten closer!...

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