M10 Monochrom Interest?

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Re: M10 Monochrom Interest?

I used to shoot monochrome landscapes with a 4x5 view camera. I love the dramatic impact of a good monochrome photo.  I was excited at the potential of the M10 for fine art photography.

But perhaps the mono quality of the M10 can be matched by converting high resolution color files from cameras such as the 61mp Sony or the 100mp Fuji. Then I (we) could have mono when we wanted it, and color too.  With one camera.

And as Henry Richardson has written here;


there are advantages in converting color images in edit.  By choosing how hues are mapped to grayscale, you can darken skies, lighten foliage, and do many things in software that require expert choice of filters when shooting with monochrome sensors.

Consider this photo of an apricot orchard on a wet day in fall (yes, fall, not spring).

The wet orange fall leaves were translucent and had a beautiful orange glow.  I exposed one sheet without filter, packed my gear and left.  Then it occurred to me that an orange filter would enhance the orange glow.  I returned, set up my tripod in the same dents in the ground and shot with the orange filter.  This became my best-selling photo in Bay Area galleries for years.   To this day, I've never printed the first exposure (sans filter)

If the exposure had been in color, I could have achieved this effect (and more) in edit.


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