Sigma says full-frame Foveon camera won't arrive this year

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Re: Sigma says full-frame Foveon camera won't arrive this year

Jozef M wrote:

veritalens wrote:

Jozef M wrote:

Yeah, I wasn't expecting this.

So, in the end we get nothing at all, no Quattro sensors no more, no Sigma cameras with the old lens mount, no new Sigma Foveon cameras at all.
If Sigma has to start all over again with the development of the Foveon full frame sensor, yes that could take years and years. Very unfortunate.

Honestly, I think the full-format Foveon project will be put in the freezer until better times come again in the photo industry. So maybe never.....


I fear that you may be right Jozef. What a shame too. I, and I expect many other Sigma camera users, don't really have any interest in CMOS camera bodies, and so I haven't bought anything in years, because nothing really interests me within the recent camera bodies.

Wow! He really made it seem like the camera isn't going to be released at all! I appreciate him letting us know, but this one hurts a bit. I legitimately had NO excitement for any other camera but this one. Back to film I guess?

The high res Sony sensors are very very good. And I like pixel shift, it works great on my Lumix G9 (with a Sony sensor in it, with no AA filter), but you need good prime lenses to get that sharp noise free image. And a subject that does not move, of course. The G9 photos without pixel shift are very good too.

Maybe Panasonic can work together with Sigma to make a 1:1:1 Foveon FF sensor, if they are interested, they are together in the L Alliance.
If not, I fear that Foveon sensors are a thing of the past, and this Sigma camera forum will die out like the Kodak forum on dpreview. I hope not.



You don't know Japanese companies. Giving up due to adversity?? LOL. You are far off the mark. If anything, it's the exact opposite. That's not how they work. I worked for one!

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