Sigma says full-frame Foveon camera won't arrive this year

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Re: Sigma says full-frame Foveon camera won't arrive this year

TN Args wrote:

veebegin wrote:

Oh no....

Why not make aps-c/aps-h ver before make ff...

Those are the current cameras.

Of course, "back to the drawing board" might mean, Hello, Full Frame Quattro! LOL

It might mean any number of things. Problem with the design from a durability standpoint. Problem inherent in image quality due to design. Problem associated with volume production. I for one don't think they're giving up on the sensor. Also, I don't think that it will take 15 years for a new design. It will be starting from scratch but with a huge amount of practical knowledge and know how. I actually think this is a good thing.

It says, we are not going to allow a lousy product on the market. We will start over in order to get it right. A lot of software companies won't do this. Most companies won't do this. They'll just keep patching old code even though it is a flawed design. They don't want to start over, which is the best way from a design aspect.

2-3 years. That's what I expect. That's reasonable time frame. 5 years is unreasonable to go without any current product.

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