Lens for Landscape photography for Sigma sd Quattro H

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Re: Lens for Landscape photography for Sigma sd Quattro H

The Sigma sd Quattro is a superb camera for landscape photos! I have the non-H version, and am extremely happy with it as a landscape and portrait tool. Once you use this camera for landscapes, it is difficult to go back. You will get brutal sharpness and lovely color reproduction. My postprocessing time went down by a factor of 10x with the Sigma. There is nothing to fix in post because you t is right in camera.

As the others have said, there are not any lenses specific to the H sensor size. Remember that the SA mount is on its way out.

I use the 18-35 Art, and the 50-100 Art. These are tremendously big and heavy lenses. And dang sharp. I found both used. I also have the non-Art 17-50 f/2.8. This is a fantastic lens for the price.

The H sensor limits you to the full frame Art lenses, which are big and expensive. Consider this. This is why I chose against the H.

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