tripod on mudflats?

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Michael W00d Senior Member • Posts: 1,018
Re: Thanks everyone

Kevin Coppalotti wrote:

Thanks everyone, was thinking along the lines of some feet/pads.

Possibly i could cut some bits of plywood bolted onto the base of the legs.

Firstly, Schneeteller is translated as snow plates.

As for substitutes, I suggest the cheapest, lightest and most effective could be children's small pudding bowls.  Very light and stack together so easy to store/carry. The bowls will hold the tripod legs and hinder their spreading, while  their penetration into the mud will hold the bowls relatively firmly in place. If necessary, stick a ring inside the bowl to hold the tripod foot. All very easy to do.

Anything flat such as plywood strips or CDs will tend to slide in the mud or allow the leg to slide over its surface.

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