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Fuji RAW NR Makes Fuji lenses Look Worse for astrophotography

In this post, I rain some on the Fuji parade because X-trans cameras perform NR on RAW for exposures >5sec. that is pretty destructive to star fields. Switching to an unfiltered X-T100 is like buying a much better lens - all the lenses get sharper.

I made this following composite image from the 2018 Perseids. There is a base image - a 3x3 pano tracked shot w/ the XF23mm f1.4 - with 40+ meteors added.

3x3 pano tracked @ 23mm f1.4, iso 1600, 30 sec unstacked w/ composite of meteors from XT2 & XT10

When I made this pano, I was very disappointed in how muddy the star field was. There were only a few different star brightnesses w/ most faint & fuzzy. This pushed me to search for the cause of the problem.

Long story short, Fuji applies NR filtering to the X-trans APSC cameras (& last month an owner of the GFX 50S showed filtering is applied to it as well!). My analysis of X-trans cams with the help of others and the GFX report can be found in the DPR astro forum. It appears every camera maker who uses Sony sensors applies filtering to some/all models. Fortunately, there is some good news, the X-T100 is unfiltered.

This image of the Cygnus region w/ the XF56 @ f4, tracked shows the effect of filtering - fuzzy, partially erased stars, misshaped stars, green stars, overall loss of star color.

RAW development in Rawtherapee for all 3 cameras. Generic profile used for all

As you can see the XT100 has much better star IQ, XT2 mangles star the most & XT3 looses color. My earlier post shows excellent starry landscapes can be made w/ an XT2. In fact the RAW NR has an advantage in substantially reducing noise in the long exposure landscape. No NR software works as well as the in camera filtering.

Choose your poison.

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