Would a DP0 or Dp1 Quattro be suitable as an only camera on vacation?

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Re: Would a DP0 or Dp1 Quattro be suitable as an only camera on vacation?

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Hello, I will be visiting Athens and the Greek islands on vacation soon. So far, on all my vacations I have used a camera with a zoom lens. Do you think a fixed lens camera like a DP0 or a DP1 would be suitable as an only camera?


I've used various Sigma DP cameras for travel since the DP2 in 2009 followed by a DP1s, DP2 Merrill, DP3 Merrill and since 2014 a dp2 Quattro. Most of the time as the only (dedicated) camera, sometimes with an RX100, but the Sony tends to stay at home now that smartphones have improved in both low light and video quality - the weak areas of Sigma.

I have the Sigma EF-630 flash, quite useful indoors but don't know how well it would work with a 21mm equivalent lens.

Interesting that for travel you prefer to carry the DP2 which has a 50mm FOV. Do you not find 50mm too tight as a travel focal length? What type of travel photography do you do - landscape, architecture, or street/people?

A bit of everything, really, but I'd say the choice is more a personal preference for normal lens aesthetics than guided by subject. I'm afraid the world will remember the 2010s as the decade of distorted faces thanks to wide angle phone cameras.

The original DP2 had a 41mm equivalent lens, while the newer DP2 models (yes, including the Quattro!) are a bit tighter at 45, but both are equally close enough to the "perfect" normal lens of 43mm. I rarely find it too narrow outside, but indoors I often find myself pressed against a wall

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