Thom now thinks DSLRs have a lot of life left to them

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I think we're not far off. Most of my comments about the D750 replacment not being reasonable are due to the fact that the D850 is way better at action photography than the D800/D810 were when the D750 was in its heyday. So you're right that in the D750 vs D810 comparison, the D750 was the action camera. In the D850 vs D780, they're both action cameras, while the D850 is better for other still shots and the D780 is better at video. My thought was that most video users would have already moved to ML now or soon, and if not, a $2k, 24MP camera isn't going to really be a persuasive reason to stay with DSLR or Nikon, or both. That's really my comment about the D780 from a business standpoint. But I can see how D750 users would see it as a very nice migration as their last step before ML.

Why it has all the video niceness of ML without the need to go ML and all the cost of lenses

Because ultimately, ML Is cheaper and will supersede DSLR capability in nearly all areas, and there just won't be a market for it.

Camera makers will produce cameras that actually sell. If we look at the technology world its littered with with redundant technology that was better than what the market went with. The biggest example of this is Sony with Betamax, Walkman, CD-I Viao computers, mini disk.

Catering to people who don't want to spend money is a bad business model.

That's an argument that applies to the Z's right now


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