RF 50mm vs 85mm

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Re: RF 50mm vs 85mm

Own both (and owned also the classic EF versions and the corresponding Sigma Arts): For me from the optical quality and their character, colour rendering the two RFs are extremely similar. Its really dominated by the focal length which differentiates both the perspective and the background blur at comparable settings. Even in demanding situations (like stars in the image corners wide open) the difference is very small with a slight edge for the RF85.  Compared to the old EF versions this is night and day - they were unusable for astro work!  Also the AF is from a different world.  Compared to the Sigma Arts it is a much closer contest. The overall sharpness is quite comparable (with the RFs sligthly better in the corners) and the background a bit more busy for the Sigmas - and 1.2 instead of 1.4!

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