RF 50mm vs 85mm

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To those of you who have both (or experience using both), how do you feel they compare in terms of image quality (sharpness, rendering, 3D pop)? I know these are two different focal lengths we are talking about, but I am mostly interested in how their outputs compare.

I have both and also the 28-70.
I can see a difference between the zoom and the two primes. But an image quality diff between 50 and 85 I cannot see. Deciding between both is more a matter of which focal length fits the job better.

Can you get into a little more detail with the difference between the zoom (28-70 f2?) and the two prime lenses. I plan on purchasing the 28-70 f2 but i really love the quality of the images from those prime lenses like the 50 mm and the 85mm

The difference is mainly wide open: while the 28-70 at 2.0 is not razor sharp, but still excellent (2.8 is better which is apparent in some situations), the 50 and 85 are razor sharp even wide open i.e. at 1.2. All these differences are subtle as we talk on a very IQ high level.
The main reason I have these two primes even though they are almost covered by he 28-70 focal range is that the f/1.2 gives this extra 1.5 stops for low light situations and this extreme shallow DoF (the eye can be razor sharp while the eye lashes are already out of focus, for example).
If it were just about the difference in IQ then I would rate these small differences between 28-70 and the primes to be too subtle to justify the primes.

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