Would a DP0 or Dp1 Quattro be suitable as an only camera on vacation?

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Re: Would a DP0 or Dp1 Quattro be suitable as an only camera on vacation?

I have found wide angle lenses to bee "too wide" for general purpose use.

I would suggest learning how to set up the camera in manual exposure mode and take a panoramic image.

The next biggest thing would be to rotate the camera on the nodal axis of the lens vs the tripod mounting point. Yes, there are technical ways to figure out the nodal point, but if the front of the lens is at or near the center pf rotation on the tripod, it is really close and much better than rotating on the tripod mount on the camera.

I typically use portrait orientation and 3 or 4 shots horizontally, crop to taste later. Looks much more natural to me.

The SFD mode is really useful, but in an exceedingly small number of opportunities. Yes, become familiar with it, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

I can use handheld shots intended for a panorama WAY more often than ideal conditions for SFD mode. It's amazing what the stitching software can put together sometimes. Overlap is your friend.

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