What's your fastest set-up for running SPP?

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Re: What's your fastest set-up for running SPP?

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For example, I know someone with an old 27" iMac, which has a quad-core i5 processor and 16 GB of RAM. Such a computer is a powerful system, but it can not be upgraded to a new OS than El Capitan. It's just not new enough, according to Apple.

This sounds like a business decision of Apple, plain and cheap planned obsolescence. Of course, if a company pulls this on you, it's normal to feel upset about it, especially since Apple-stuff is more a luxury-brand which sells at a premium.

SPP supports Windows 7, which is meanwhile a 10-year-old OS. I think it's difficult for Sigma to cover all the smaller OS in all older versions. Ideally, there'd be a Linux-version too, but considering the small user base at consumers, I can understand Sigma's decision to not develop.

Well SPP 6.4 works fine on OSX 10.7.5, but the newer versions of SPP 6 don't. I think that's sad. I can understand them making enhancements that are only available in newer versions of the OS, but to make the program just not work in the older OS versions is not right, in my opinion. Maybe they think almost every Apple user just upgrades, so they don't need to worry about making SPP work with older Apples, but that's not the case. There are millions of old Apple computers out there that can not run the new versions of Mac OS. I had to upgrade the OS of the Mac Mini that I use with the big screen just to use SPP 6.7. That computer is only about five years old now, so it will run the latest OS, no doubt. I won't upgrade to Catalina though. It doesn't support some of the programs I would want to use, because it will only run 64 bit software and no 32 bit software (God knows why Apple would do such a thing - I'm hoping for an open-source solution to be offered some time soon, in the form of something like a 32 bit system emulator maybe).

There's a hack for anything.

Run latest MAC os on any mac instructions and files here:


run 32-bit apps:


run Windows 10 on android phone without rooting:


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