Would a DP0 or Dp1 Quattro be suitable as an only camera on vacation?

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Re: Would a DP0 or Dp1 Quattro be suitable as an only camera on vacation?

firoze wrote:

Hello, I will be visiting Athens and the Greek islands on vacation soon. So far, on all my vacations I have used a camera with a zoom lens. Do you think a fixed lens camera like a DP0 or a DP1 would be suitable as an only camera? My genre of photography are landscape, architecture and close ups of flowers etc. (I am not keen on a SD Quattro because with a zoom lens it would be too heavy and bulky. I prefer lighter smaller cameras when travelling).

Thanks in advance.

What FOV did you tend to use most with the zoom lens?

If you can work within the limits of a fixed FOV and ISO400ish max then the Sigma's could work. Consider if you would want the LCD viewer too, it is very nice but does make the camera considerably larger.

If you haven't shot 21mm before I'd certainly suggest spending time with that FOV for awhile before counting on the camera for a vacation.

As an alternative consider the DP1Q with a Ricoh GW-4 as you would then have both 28 and 21mm FOV and be a stop faster than the DP0.

Either way I'd also throw the RX100 in a camera bag pocket to handle the stuff the Sigma can't.

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