Would a DP0 or Dp1 Quattro be suitable as an only camera on vacation?

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Re: Would a DP0 or Dp1 Quattro be suitable as an only camera on vacation?

dp2m or dp2q will offer the most versatility.  For wide angle stationary just turn the camera to portrait mode and do a multishot pano.

dp2m advantage is primarily in longer distance shots where acuity in the far background is desirable.  The Quattro cannot keep up in that area.  I peronally find the iq of the Merrills to be superior to that of the Quattros but Quattros do have many other advantages.

dp2q offers better focus, better color, better ease of use, sfd for interiors (tripod required) and it is much faster.

I carried only the dp2m on a 10 day trip to Israel and later the dp2q on a similar trip to Egypt.  Both worked well but the loss of resolution in the Q at further distances was an unexpected and unwelcome surprise when I returned.

I think the dp0q would be a worthwhile carry along but I agree with those who suggested a smaller Bayer camera with a suitable zoom for the most versatility although the sony rx100 models do not suffice for my needs despite their convenience factor.


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