Nikon D750 some really wierd exposing!

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Re: Nikon D750 some really wierd exposing!

jkjond wrote:

Sergey Shkodin wrote:

A Girard wrote:

You said the metering mode changes, which I assume you changed the metering mode, which can affect your exposure results.

The exposure results didn't change as I mentioned before, look at the exif's. That's the most crazy part. You have the same scene, the same aperture, shutter, iso but the photo is much brighter. Looks like some software manipulation.

If the settings aren't changing then either the light is changing or the camera is having problems with the shutter or the camera/lens isn't stopping down constantly. As you are shooting wide open it isn't an aperture problem. Fluorescent lights? They constantly cycle so if your shutter speed is too fast for them (it needs to be 1/50th or slower to capture a full cycle) then the light will be different from exposure to exposure.

Was just going to say this, too. Noticed the same sort of effect with some LED accent bulbs we bought recently (they must use PWM).

To the OP - if they're LED bulbs, one trick is to rapidly wave your hand/fingers or put a fan in front of the light. If there's Pulse Width Modulation, it will almost look like a stop-motion movie, and you'll be able to see your individual fingers (or fan blades), instead of just a blur...

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