Epson P800...........sRGB, Adobe RGB or ICC ?

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Re: Epson P800...........sRGB, Adobe RGB or ICC ?

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Hi all, some helped me on choosing a printer and I went for the P800. I love it! Great printer and so easy to use to start my adventure! Having had a few days with it and printing various pics and canvas etc via Epson print layout I was just wondering is it best to use the "printer manages color" option or "use ICC profile"

The printer manages gives the option of sRGB and Adobe RGB, then the ICC profile gives all the different profiles for each type of surface to be printed on.

For best control and color output, you want to use Application Manages Color and thus an appropriate ICC printer profile.

Exactly. Letting the printer manage color, even when you select the OEM paper and profiles can give different results than letting the App manage color. Even when your working space is sRGB. The only way to get consistent results is letting the App manage color. And that works with any working space so you can be assured of printing all the colors the printer is capable of.

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