Lens for Landscape photography for Sigma sd Quattro H

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Re: Lens for Landscape photography for Sigma sd Quattro H

furtle wrote:

Here’s an alternative suggestion. Try the Sigma dp0 Quattro camera which is a fixed lens (14mm f4) with a leaf shutter. Same sensor as the sd Quattro. Personally, I think it is one of the finest landscape cameras available. The lens is simply excellent. Another plus is it is light and cheap compared with a sd Quattro H and 14mm f1.8 attached. That combo is a bohemoth with only marginal advantages.

Good luck

Best, Steve

Hello Steve,

I own the sigma SD QH with the sigma 18-35mm. This because of the weight. I never use the stupid F1.4 ability. Give me a lens with a 5.6 f stop that gives the best optics you can wish for. At the widest you have a lot of vignet, blablablabla. If I would choose again I would pick the DP series, like furtle suggest, so the dp0 and dp3 with extender.

good luck with your choose.

ps, you know That the SA Mount is ending??  So no new lenses are made in the SA Mount and the are really hard to get.

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