Wow, rumour of a Fuji monochrome camera

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Re: Wow, rumour of a Fuji monochrome camera

Ed B wrote:

Zoom Zoom Zoom wrote:

I have a Leica M9M and love it to death, but would love to replace it because Im a bit tired to work with it.. its starting to be a pain and it's speed, impossible LCD quality and general poor usability are really sub-par. And let me tell you THE REAL DIFFERENCE is in a monochromatic CCD sensor. That is where the REAL organic visual difference is that no CMOS can match and the SOLE reason I never had the interest to upgrade to a newer one.

I also own a Leica camera and frequent the Leica forum, although I don't post very often because my Leica is little more than a Panasonic clone.

Anyway, I don't remember seeing any comments from you in that forum.

It's a good place and you should start posting there.

Ed B, actually I post very rarely.. I do sometimes here on DPreview (that I have been following almost since it started). But as you know, most posts and forums quickly descend into insults, bragging or, lets say, less than polite exchange of ideas. I feel most of the time, well, posting anything is just a waste of time and an open door to get upset. I have much better things to get upset at than unpleasant online chatter haha..

As for my personal experience with Leica, is limited. I bought my first Leica M7 in 2002 (and very much regret having sold it in 2007, one year later) after the launch of the M8 that I trade it for. A horrible decision.. the M7 was (is) a masterpiece and the M8.. hummmmmm no comments. I suffered all the way till 2009 when I made my own Christmas gift a new M9M, that I still own and have zero interest in ever letting go. Its a camera that I truly love. More than just a wonderfully crafted photographic tool, it truly renders B&W images with a subtlety and beauty that I have not yet found on another camera.. yet. All-in-all I only have 2 lenses, a SUMMICRON-M 28mm f/2 and a SUMMICRON-M 50mm f/2, thats it.

This said, I am far from being any sort of a hard-core Leica devotee nor did I invest too much into the ecosystem. For work, I have used Mamiyas and later Phase Ones for a very long time. But since Fujifilm launched the GFX line of cameras, I switched and never looked back. And I have never looked into Leica's S Medium Format cameras. Too many shortcomings and compromises for me, and just too expensive. I have no doubts, they are fantastic products

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