Wow, rumour of a Fuji monochrome camera

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Re: Wow, rumour of a Fuji monochrome camera

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The funny thing is, if you look at all the comparisons of monochrome sensor vs color sensor properly converted to bw, you’ll hardly notice a meaningful difference. And the monochrome pics still need work in post to truly shine.

Where the real benefit is, imo, is that the CFA (color filter array) absorbs a lot of light, and removing it gets you an extra 1-2 stops.
For an aps-c camera, that can really come in handy.

oldest argument in the book that has been beaten to death

bottom line - no - a converted color file is not going to be has good as a dedicated BW sensor spitting out DNG files

or let me put it this way - do you think you know more than the Engineers at Leica or Phase one ?

Show 100 people two images side by side, one from Monochromatic sensor and the other converted from color and 99% of them wouldn't have a clue which one is what. Actually sorry, nope, make that 99.99%.

This is all non-sensenon-sensical in practical terms.

here you can see the differences (of course, on a PC screen it will be more difficult, but many people buying those monochrome camera will print, not for social media if that is what you call practical terms!)

Thank you for the link. Yes, I know the differences very well though even on blinds test, I have failed to spot them myself several times.. just the honest truth that Id wish others would have the humbleness to admit as well.

And given the (statistically) fact that more that 99% of all consumed photos are watched on 5" mobile phones screens (billions of them per day with poor color accuracy and about zero calibration ), indeed this is all non-sensical in practical terms. This said, absolutely no doubts that I'd love to see FujiFilm make a monochromatic camera, APS-C X-Trans or (crop) MF.

I have a Leica M9M and love it to death, but would love to replace it because Im a bit tired to work with it.. its starting to be a pain and it's speed, impossible LCD quality and general poor usability are really sub-par. And let me tell you THE REAL DIFFERENCE is in a monochromatic CCD sensor. That is where the REAL organic visual difference is that no CMOS can match and the SOLE reason I never had the interest to upgrade to a newer one.

And finally, for my work and on the other spectrum of things, I recently purchased a GFX100 and with its Acros simulation, is really, really, really close to the real thing. Best overall camera I have ever owned.. no Leicas, No Phase Ones, no anything or anyone else, period.

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