Wow, rumour of a Fuji monochrome camera

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Re: Wow, rumour of a Fuji monochrome camera


samhain wrote:

The funny thing is, if you look at all the comparisons of monochrome sensor vs color sensor properly converted to bw, you’ll hardly notice a meaningful difference. And the monochrome pics still need work in post to truly shine.

Where the real benefit is, imo, is that the CFA (color filter array) absorbs a lot of light, and removing it gets you an extra 1-2 stops.
For an aps-c camera, that can really come in handy.

oldest argument in the book that has been beaten to death

bottom line - no - a converted color file is not going to be has good as a dedicated BW sensor spitting out DNG files

or let me put it this way - do you think you know more than the Engineers at Leica or Phase one ?

Show 100 people two images side by side, one from Monochromatic sensor and the other converted from color and 99% of them wouldn't have a clue which one is what. Actually sorry, nope, make that 99.99%.

This is all non-sensenon-sensical in practical terms.

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